July 2, 2022

Yogurt is a dietary supply of calcium, which helps restrict bone loss later in life.Ryan Enn Hughes/The Globe and Mail

For those who’re a feminine aged 50 or older, stopping osteoporosis must be in your thoughts. Particularly so, you probably have danger elements for the silent bone-thinning illness.

Osteoporosis compromises bone mass and bone energy, rising the chance of fracture. Severe fractures of the hip and backbone, which happen extra usually in postmenopausal ladies, can result in the lack of residing independently and, in some instances, life-threatening issues.

In response to Osteoporosis Canada, one in three ladies will undergo a damaged bone from osteoporosis of their lifetime. So will one in 5 males.

Danger elements

Age is a crucial danger issue for osteoporosis. Round menopause, bone loss happens at an elevated charge in ladies on account of declining estrogen. Bone loss accelerates in males after age 65.

Different danger elements embody low bone density (mass), fragility fracture after age 40, household historical past, cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol use, long run use of medicines that trigger bone loss and medical circumstances that intrude with nutrient absorption (e.g., celiac illness, inflammatory bowel illness).

Prevention methods

Whether or not or not you’re at elevated danger for osteoporosis, the next dietary and life-style methods may also help shield bones all through life.

Eat a calcium-rich food plan

Getting sufficient calcium early in maturity helps construct peak bone mass and reduces future osteoporosis danger. (Most individuals attain peak bone mass round age 30.)

An sufficient calcium consumption additionally helps restrict bone loss later in life. In case your food plan lacks calcium, the mineral is moved from bones to the bloodstream the place it’s wanted for muscle, nerve and blood vessel operate.

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Ladies and men, ages 19 to 50, want 1,000 mg of calcium every day; older ladies require 1,200. After age 70, males want 1,200 mg. Kids and youths, ages 9 to 18, require 1,300 mg, whereas youthful kids, ages 4 to eight, ought to devour 800 mg.

One cup of milk, three quarters-cup of plain yogurt and 1.5 ounces of laborious cheese every present 300 to 330 mg of calcium.

Different good sources embody fortified plant-based drinks (300 mg per one cup), sardines with bones (324 mg per 3 ounces), canned salmon with bones (203 mg per 3 ounces), tofu ready calcium sulfate (434 mg per one half-cup), cooked collard greens (268 mg per one cup), cooked rapini (200 mg per one cup), bok choy (158 mg per one cup) and almonds (96 mg per one cup).

Calcium dietary supplements

If you have to right a dietary shortfall of calcium, think about a calcium citrate complement, which usually provides 250 to 300 mg of calcium per capsule. If you have to take multiple, divide your dose over the day. Restrict supplemental calcium to 600 mg per day.

Some analysis suggests taking a each day 1,000 mg calcium complement – on prime of getting heaps from food plan – might improve the chance of kidney stones and heart problems. There’s no must devour calcium past your each day requirement.

Take vitamin D3

This nutrient performs a significant function in calcium absorption, bone well being, muscle efficiency, stability and danger of falling.

Osteoporosis Canada recommends year-round vitamin D supplementation since we don’t get sufficient solar to provide sufficient vitamin D in our pores and skin and only a few meals include the nutrient.

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Adults beneath 50 are suggested to complement with 400 to 1000 IU (worldwide items) of vitamin D each day. Older adults ought to take 800 to 1000 IU each day. To realize an optimum vitamin D standing, a better quantity could also be wanted.

Get sufficient protein

Consuming too little protein, an necessary structural part of bone, is related to a better danger of bone loss and fracture.

Distribute protein-rich meals over breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good sources embody fish, rooster, lean meat, eggs, yogurt (particularly Greek and Icelandic), milk, laborious cheese, beans and lentils, nuts, seeds, soybeans, tofu and tempeh.

Embody leafy greens

Vitamin K1, plentiful in spinach, kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, rapini and broccoli, prompts proteins within the physique that construct and strengthen bones.

Massive observational research have linked larger dietary intakes of vitamin K1 to a decrease danger of hip fracture. There’s little proof, although, that vitamin Ok dietary supplements profit bone well being.

Restrict alcohol

Consuming greater than three drinks per day is related to a better danger of a significant osteoporotic fracture. It additionally contributes to an elevated danger for falls.

Be bodily lively

Weight-bearing train (e.g., strolling, jogging, Tai Chi, weight coaching) can strengthen bones and gradual age-related bone loss. Muscle-strengthening train (e.g., resistance coaching, yoga, Pilates) may also help scale back the chance of falling and fracture.

Leslie Beck, a Toronto-based personal apply dietitian, is director of meals and diet at Medcan. Comply with her on Twitter @LeslieBeckRD

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